Team [16]


We are now an official Warlight Clan

2 Oktober 2013

Clans have been a part of Warlight for a long time. However, they were never an official part of Warlight. The fact that on could chang his or her name enabled the use of clan tags in names, but the word clan didn't really have a meaning in Warlight.

This all changes recently, though, as a clan system was introduced as part of the 2.2 update of Warlight. Of course, the intent to make Team [16] an official clan was there from the start, but other aspects of life were taking up a lot of time and Warlight had to take a beackseat for the people responsible for this.

No longer, though. Now, Team [16] has joined the ranks of the official clans of Warlight, as the 25th clan. We even have a clan page at Warlight now. It's still rather plain and empty, but over time it will be populated.

This website was launched

11 February 2013

The website you are looking at is up running.

Team [16] Founded

10 February 2013

Team [16] has officially been founded!