Team [16]


Issueing a challenge

If you are a clan or another group of people who play Warlight together, you can issue a challenge to Team [16]. To do so, simply start a game with [16] Jasper, [16] b3rz3rk3r, [16] Knoukoy or [16] Rage Zero to discuss the details.

Current Challenges

There are currently no open challenges.

Past Challenges

Team [16] vs. {Dutchmen}

Upon learning of the existence of another all-Dutch clan, Dutchmen (who later changed their tag to "[NL]") issued a challenge. The game was close, but was characterized by turns that tended to take slightly over 3 days, often by the same person. However, in the end the game ended quickly after Dutchmen decided to boot this player, even though the very last comment in the publixc chat was "we've got patience, especially now that it's vacation time".

Chivalry was hard to find on either side in this match.

Team [16] vs. {Warlighters}

When Team [16] announced its existence, {Warlighters} immediately announced they were up for a challenge. They were kind enough to let Team [16] choose the map and settings.

The game: 3866876

The settings: 278331

Team [16] was awarded a victory after long inactivity of one of the players from {Warlighters}. It took quite some time before the eventual end of this game, as there was no autoboot and Team [16] didn't really want to boot, but after several deadlines that were missed (and only responded to by issueing a vacation, meaning it took even longer before the game was over), the foot did come down and the game was ended.

There are no past challenges yet.